Automobile generator principle

Guide: Car, a universal tool that has to be recognized as a high-tech product. During the operation of the car, the generator has a function that has never been thought of, and the car can be used without a bumper. But without the consequences of the generator, it is impossible to imagine, and then Xiaobian will take you into the world of car generators~

First, the principle of car generators - - Introduction

  A generator, an instrument that provides energy to other equipment through power generation, a car generator, that is, a car-specific generator. With the presence of a generator, a car can travel in every corner of the world, according to the current popularity of cars. To the extent that everyone can imagine, the automotive generator market is also not to be underestimated. There are two kinds of DC generators and AC generators. However, since the alternator performs better than DC generators in many aspects, the DC generators are gradually eliminated. The principle of an alternator.

Second, the principle of automotive generators - - structure

  The automotive alternator is mainly composed of a rotor, a stator, a rectifier, a front end cover, a rear end cover, and a fan blade. The rotor can be further divided into a rotor core, a rotor winding, a claw pole, a slip ring, a rotating shaft, etc. After the power is turned on, the rotor winding generates a magnetic field to rotate the rotor, thereby generating a rotating magnetic field in the stator winding; the stator is located at the front and rear ends. Between the cover, it can be divided into a stator core and a three-phase stator winding. The rotating magnetic field generated in the stator winding causes the stator to induce and output a three-phase sinusoidal alternating electromotive force; the rectifier is mainly used to convert the alternating current output from the stator into direct current; The fixed generator and the rear end cover are used to support the brush holder and the rectifier; the fan blades are mainly used for ventilating and dissipating the generator to maintain the generator in a high efficiency state.

Third, the principle of automobile generator

  In the above introduction to the structure of the car generator, the function of each part is also briefly introduced. Below we will feel the principle of the car generator as a whole. After the power is turned on, the magnetic field is first generated in the rotor winding. Under the action of the rotor, the rotor rotates and generates a rotating magnetic field in the stator winding. Secondly, the stator induces and outputs the AC electromotive force under the action of the rotating magnetic field. Finally, the alternating current is converted into direct current under the action of the rectifier to supply energy to other devices and charge the battery.

Although the car generator is not like the central air conditioner, it can warm the whole human being, but the existence of the car generator is also very convenient for people to travel. Have you created the principle of the car generator?