The role of automotive rectifiers

Automotive rectifier

 A car rectifier is a rectifying device, which is simply a device that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). It has two main functions: first, to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), filtered to supply the load, or to the inverter; second, to provide the charging voltage to the battery. Therefore, it also acts as a charger. The purpose of the car rectifier is to provide enough high current and stable voltage for the electric appliance instantaneously, and ignite 1~200 times per second. If the electronic ignition device can get enough current and voltage, the gasoline can be burned more completely, and the fuel-saving effect is achieved. So the effect on each car is different.


The role of automotive rectifiers

  1. Improve engine horsepower to make the throttle response more brisk and sensitive

      2, improve the brightness of the light, the high beam low beam is much brighter than before

      3. Improve the phenomenon of braking in low-end driving, making shifting smoother

      4. Improve ignition efficiency and make spark plugs burn more fully

      5, reduce the phenomenon of idling jitter, making it more stable

      6, reduce clutter interference, improve the sound quality of car audio system

      7, protect the battery and the original vehicle electrical circuit system, reduce its load and extend the service life